We provide off-site CCTV monitoring and protection services for commercial, industrial and residential premises through the use of remote digital technology, cameras on site make the use of movement sensors.

Giving you all the benefits of 24/7 protection without the need for a permanently manned site presence.


CCTV Remote Monitoring has become a growth area in security with new products continually being released onto the market. We are always reviewing these and are happy to look at any new systems.

    • Reduce the cost of employing on-site security guards
    • Lower the costs of managing your own equipment 
    • Guarantee an effective response to all alerts
    • Deter crime and increase rates of detection
    • Improve safety and peace of mind for on-site staff
    • Reduce insurance premiums
    • Ensure a single, convenient point of contact for all your remote monitoring needs


Why Remote Monitoring?


As a company we see many clients buy a very expensive system that only tells them the events once they play back the images the next working day. CCTV systems can be linked with intruder alarms, audio systems, access control equipment and alarm response services to provide the operator with all the relevant information and facilities to provide complete security cover remotely.