Operation On Site

Our Security Officers are trained to be conversant with the site operating procedures so that he or she would be able to discharge his or her duties efficiently for the maximum-security coverage of the client's premises.  Loss Prevention Officers are required to report in uniform 15 minutes before the commencement of their shift.

Upon reporting on site officers are required to individually contact the Frontline Security Operations Centre giving their reporting status.

Officers are ensure that during the handing and taking over of shift the following are physically checked and strictly observed:

  • Any special instructions or follow-up issues to be addressed?
  • Equipment Check to confirm all communication equipments are functioning normally.
  • Fire Panel, Intruder Alarm & Surveillance Systems are in operational mode.
  • Key contents in the Key Press are intact and tally with the Key Register Book.
  • Visitor and Contractor Passes tally with the Contractor / Visitor Book.

Any discrepancy or malfunction detected will be documented into the Security Logbook and immediately reported for corrective action.