Recruitment Methodology

The recruitment process is a standardized Operating Procedure documented within the office of Frontline Security.  The information gathered and evaluated during this process and is retained in our database for future reference and searches.  Features of the recruitment methodology include:

Media Advertisement

At Frontline Security, we maintain a strong presence in the newspapers.  This remains one our most effective channels in officer recruitment.  Our recruitment advertising uses innovative work-related themes and acts as a broadcasting channel for officers.

Officer Referral Scheme

This is the most successful means of officer recruitment, tapping on the officer's own network of friends and contacts.  This method is especially effective for project staffing where a large pool of officers is required.

Flyer Distribution

Flyer distribution at venues with high human traffic such as shopping malls, supermarkets, MRT stations, etc is an effective manner of reaching targeted officers.  This method is especially effective for assignments that are specific to the location.

Community Development Council (CDC) Referral Scheme

CDC referral scheme through the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), SINDA, MENDAKI and the Eurasian Association, are some of the channels for officer recruitment.  The candidate's referral data is stored in our database for future reference or he / she may be offered job placement subject to availability.


Progressive Wage Model (PWM)

We follow PWM (Progressive Wage Model).  All officers that we hire are paid wages as per recommended by PWM:


Senior Security Supervisor          : 3.0k to 3.8k

Security Supervisor                    : 2.7k to 3.0k

Senior Security Officer               : 2.3k to 2.6k

Security Officer                        : 2.1k to 2.5k