Officer Retention Program


  • Officers are offered and encouraged to opt-for Full-Time employment status with full time benefits.
  • Frontline Security promotes an on going training development program which is provided by in-house trainers covering the full spectrum of security and safety.  This gives the security officers a platform for personal growth.
  • A yearly appraisal system conducted for all officers employed by Frontline Security.  The objective of the appraisal system is to identify exemplary officers for future promotions.
  • Performing officers with Frontline Security are rewarded with cash incentives, bonuses and yearly increments.  The performance of all officers are measured and monitored by our Security Operations Centre.
  • Frontline Security recently introduced a new retention program in conjunction with it's customers in identifying and nominating performing officers for Employee of the Year Award, Best Site Supervisor Award and Best Site of the Year Award.
  • Frontline Securty also practices a commendation scheme where monetary rewards are given to model officers for exercising high security standars in apprehending intruder, illegal worker, theft, etc.
  • Meals and transportation is provided for officers performing duties at locations where food and transport is inaccessible.
  • Festive gifts in cash are given to officers celebrating Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas Day.
  • All officers will receive a signed card from the management of Frontline Security extending them wishes and greeting on special occassions, may it be a birthday or festive celebration.