Selection Methodology

Frontline Security evaluates an applicant's ability, skills, experience, work history and suitability to ensure that every employee meets employment standards.  B y developing extensive job profiles and information as to the type of person best suited to the environment and culture of individual customers, Frontline Security will then assess the source, methodology and procedures to most effectively deliver results.  Components of the selection methodology include:

In-House Screening

A series of security work related questions are asked to determine the applicant's suitability for the job.  Applicants are eliminated when they cannot meet the minimum requirements for the assignment.

Administering Employment Forms

During this process, the applicant completes the Employment Application.  Frontline Security will review the application for completeness and determines the current skill levels.  The applicant is also asked to respond to questions regarding criminal convictions, state of health etc.  Frontline Security is at liberty to conduct character reference checks on work performance, punctuality and work attitude with the candidate's previous employers.

In-House Testing

Frontline Security uses an internally developed security test paper for applicant evaluation on security proficiency.  The stest will determine the applicant's security knowledge and suitability for the job.


Frontline Security further determines the applicant's suitability for employment through behavioral interview.  The method of interview focuses not only the results of the security test, but also on interpersonal skills, experience, training and suitability to work at the assignment.  If the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements for employment, the process is ended.  Should the applicant meet the requirements, he / she is offered employment.

In-House Orientation

Applicants offered employment are subjected to a complete orientation program during which they briefed about their assignment responsibilities.  Frontline Security has a program based on specific requirements on security and safety.